Robins Sandringham Visit

Robins at Sandringham

Page created: 04 November 2019 by Kerri Griffin

On a very bright Tuesday (08.10.19) Robins Class enjoyed a visit to the Queen’s Country Estate at Sandringham. We explored the Museum which is in the old stable blocks. The helpers were very happy with our questions and polite behaviour and let us ring the bell on fire engine. Some of us were even allowed to try on some of the exhibits!

We then looked around the house. It was extremely grand and full of people. We saw the Queen’s piano and her jigsaw table. Our favourite part was seeing her dining table and the carefully folded napkins. We had a walk around the grounds and saw lots of plant pots with crowns on them. We knew the Queen wasn’t at home because the Royal Standard Flag was not flying, only the Union Jack Flag.

Just before lunch we visited the church. It is very small inside but because we had already visited St Mark’s in the village we knew exactly how to behave and we all sat in the pews to look around. The church is very beautiful with a large silver altar and pulpit. It was incredibly shiny but only polished twice a year. This is the church that the Queen and her family visits on Christmas Day every year.

We had a fantastic day and used our trip to help us write recount which Mrs Griffin has sent to the Queen …. we are waiting for a reply.

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