Crowded Room Art Project

Crowded Room Art Project

Page created: 15 November 2017 by Class Teachers

Class 1 enjoyed being part of the Crowded Room Project. Standing and being chalked around and having to shout out their name as loudly as possible was great! They drew around their hands and passed the drawing around the circle. Class 1 had a super time, thank you Tim Mann and Brandon.

Class 2 also took part in the art project run by Tim Mann. As a celebration of the wide community in Wisbech Tim drew around each child to add to a large portrait. His ambition was to celebrate each individual in Wisbech and their place within their richly diverse town. FBPS was the last place he visited and after all classes had participated, he had topped 10,000 participants. The children also drew around their hands, passing papers around so every child had a piece of paper showing their whole class.

With Class 3, Tim drew their outline on the board. As each child stood in front of the board they said their name as loudly, or as softly, as they wished. Next, sitting in a circle, they drew around their hand on a sheet of paper before passing on the picture to someone else and receiving one from their neighbour. Eventually their original picture returned to them, with the outline of everyone else added to theirs. Tim said we were the last class to take part, we counted up to and beyond the 10,000 people mark – Class 3 were very excited by this.

See separate news item from Class 4.

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