All for 1, 2, 3, 4!

Class 4

Page created: 18 July 2018 by Sophie Foston

Children of Friday Bridge Primary School ended the year in style with a fabulous whole school production of ‘All for 1,2,3,4’. Led by Karl Gernert of Act II Theatre Company, children from Reception to Year 6 dazzled in 80’s inspired costumes to perform well known hits including ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’, ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ and ‘I Love Rock and Roll’… Even the staff took to the stage to perform ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us’.

‘All for 1,2,3,4’, written by Charlotte Gernert, tells the story of Dana Tanian (played by the talented Grace – Year 5) as she pursues her dreams of joining the famous rock band-The Musketeers- whilst foiling plots against her from rival group Cardinal Sin, led by Lady Winter (Poppie – Year 6). All principal characters produced outstanding performances and when the whole company performed the opening and closing songs they really did raise the roof of Friday Bridge Primary School!

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